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Qld drought relief

During the first quarter of 2017, further aid has been provided to those suffering the effects of drought, through the donation and delivery of hay bales. The price of stock feed is beyond the financial reach of many who are drought-affected, and the hay was gratefully received by many in the bush.

The current drought that has devastated Queensland’s interior, has now reached out to claim 80 per cent of the entire state in its deadly grip and is now officially the worst in the state’s history. However, the drought’s impact has not only seen the land dry out but has resulted in a debilitating impact on the people of western Queensland. With graziers at their wit’s end, having sold anything not critical to survival and some that are to keep historical family properties and the people who dwell within in them going, the money being spent in western Queensland towns has also run dry. Businesses that haven’t shut up shop have stripped costs down to the bare minimum. The community services that rely on those businesses have also pared back. It is fair to say that west of the Great Divide, many thousands of families are struggling. As we continue to pray for rain and for those affected by drought, the UAVF has also been providing Personal Care Packs and Fuel Cards to assist those in western and northern Queensland who have been suffering from the drought. The Personal Care Packs (typical contents shown below) are distributed by the CWA to those in need throughout drought affected areas of Qld. Our volunteers pack the items and send them west on a regular basis. We also provide financial assistance in the form of Fuel Cards to assist those in remote locations, as the high cost of transportation in the bush takes its’ toll on family budgets, at a time when most graziers have destocked and income is also drying up.We urge all to continue to assist us through financial support and donations, and to pray for rain. Appreciation Letters from personal care box recipients:

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