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Apostolic Volunteers Foundation

Apostolic Volunteers Foundation

About Us

United Apostolic Volunteers Foundation…..Giving Hope, Sharing Grace.

The United Apostolic Volunteers Foundation provides aid and facilitates independence for those in the need throughout the world from a variety of projects. We are involved in a number of projects in our home country of Australia, whilst also expanding our projects into a variety of international communities. 

Please continue to our projects page to read more on the projects the UAVF currently have ongoing.


Giving Hope, Sharing Grace.

To achieve our stated mission, The Foundation members have committed themselves to giving assistance and compassion to those in need.

It is clearly evident by the projects already undertaken, that The Foundation supports many different groups and will continue this as one of our core values. Suffering does not discriminate, so all projects are assessed purely on The Foundation’s ability to deliver the relief required.

Actions speak louder than words, so The Foundation is constantly monitoring projects, funding and resources, so it can roll out relief in the quickest timeframe possible, but also in the most efficient manner available at the time.

Whilst short term relief is indeed provided The Foundation also endeavours to undertake projects that enable long term viability and ultimately independence for those being supported.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of these core values which motivate and drive The Foundation.

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