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Local Aid

Domestic Projects – All donations over $2 are tax deductible

DONATE DIRECT : BSB 124-001 ACC 2182 7155

Please email for receipt & include name and transaction reference & mention Domestic Projects


DONATE VIA PAYPAY (click button below)

How you can help

As a result of the fantastic support from all of our volunteers, who frequently give of their time, energy and resources, we are proud to let you know that 100% of your kind donation will go to those in need!

Bequeath Donations – Support can be given via your estate if directed in your Will.

Due to enquiries regarding this form of donation, an example of appropriate wording which can be used in the preparation of your will can be found below.

Time & Resources Support

Due to the number and nature of projects undertaken by the Foundation, please contact us via email to register your interest, location and capabilities to assist us in giving relief to those in need.

Thank you

The United Apostolic Volunteers Foundation, and those who have received relief in some way from your generosity, wish to sincerely thank you for your kind support!

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