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During the 2007 elections, where many died or were displaced by internal strife, assistance has been given to our Volunteers in the Kisii area. This included direct aid and funding for self-help projects:-

  • Farming operations were funded, including hand tractors, seed and fertilizer.

  • Many orphans and displaced children were taken into care and funding is now ongoing to complete their education and health needs.

  • With further funding these farms have now developed into permanent enterprises including a dairy, a co-operative to buy bulk seeds, fertilizer etc.

  • A training centre has been established with courses in building and sewing. Two more courses are planned – hairdressing and Information Technology, as funds allow. Sale of goods produced continue to help fund this project.

Each year more children are helped, especially the disabled and albino, as these suffer persecution.

The Governor of Kisii country recently visited to thank all for the programmes that are helping in that area. This work is ongoing and needs your support.

Did you know that you can:-

  • Feed, Clothe, House & Educate a child in Kenya for $20/month

  • Educate and Care for a Kenyan Child in Foster Care for $25/month

  • Feed a Kenyan Child in one of our 12 Villages for $2 per day

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