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Tropical Mobility Solutions

InternationalRecently the Rotary Club in Brisbane saved a large load of wheelie walkers (15 cubic metres) from the scrap heap and offered them to where they could be used. The volunteers from the United Apostolic Volunteers Foundation transported them from Brisbane to Townsville to Tropical Equipment Solutions, a company specialising in repairs ready for distribution by Occupational Therapists between Mossman and Mackay to needy people to assist them to become mobile again.

Tropical Equipment Solutions is a locally owned, family business based in Townsville that was established to service the needs of all individuals along with aged care or medical establishments in the provision, maintenance and service of aged and disabled products throughout North Queensland. They also customise second hand equipment to meet the needs of the recipients and have strong working relationships with Occupational Therapists from Mareeba in North Qld down to Rockhampton in Central Queensland.

The UAVF provides assistance in a couple of ways. Firstly to source used and second hand devices that can either be reused for spare parts or modified to meet the special needs of individuals. Some of the equipment we have been able to source to date includes Wheelie Walkers, Used Scooters, hospital/adjustable beds, wheelchairs, and medical lifts. The Foundation sources and purchases used mobility equipment and then transports it to Tropical Equipment Solutions in Townsville where they refurbish and repair it, and provide modifications according to each recipient’s needs, and in consultation with the Occupational Therapist treating that recipient. Tropical Equipment Solutions contribute with low-cost (and often pro-bono) labour to ensure costs are kept as low as possible.

Feedback from Occupational Therapists throughout North and Central Qld has shown that there is a great need for this work to continue and they are grateful for the assistance we are providing. Please help us to help those in need.

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